I. noun (-s)
Etymology: from gerund of rout (V)
1. : the removal of excess material (as from a printing plate) by cutting, milling, or gouging
2. : a groove or indentation produced by routing
II. noun (-s)
Etymology: from gerund of route (II)
a. : a course of travel : itinerary
b. : transmission over a selected course : circulation

selective routing of messages — Eunice Cooper & Helen Dinerman

2. : the sorting of mail into proper sequence for delivery
3. : the scheduling or standardization of a flow of work
a. : the determination of a course and method of shipment (as of freight)
b. : route 4c

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/rooh"ting, row"-/, n.
1. the scheduling of the route or itinerary of people, freight, etc.
2. the arranging and scheduling of mail for delivery.
3. delivery according to scheduled sequence.
[1900-05; ROUTE + -ING1]

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routˈing noun (archaic)
Going to receptions
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Main Entry:rout

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see rout n.1, rout v.1, etc., and routeing vbl. n.

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